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About Us


As a die cutter and fabricator, ACRO INDUSTRIES expertise and manufacturing capabilities have been applied to a wide range of products.

Typical gasket seal applications include: fluids, such as petroleum, oil, water and distillates; ambient and pressurized air and dust. Also, gaskets are used to maintain spacing, dampen vibration and enhance appearance.

ACRO INDUSTRIES is a certified gasket fabricator, supplier of gasket material and sealing components to OEM INDUSTRIAL Manufacturing Markets. ACRO is Certified ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified

ACRO INDUSTRIES is a preferred supplier because quality is processed into every product we manufacture.

We have been building partnerships with our customers for over 70 years

Our years of experience successfully solving tough customer challenges in producing die cut parts enable us to manufacture your parts in the most cost efficient way possible. We keep tooling costs low and Dieless Flash Cutting is utilized to reduce time to market.




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ACRO MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES LIMITED will provide a service at a quality level that meets the client's initial and future requirements.


In doing so, ACRO MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES LIMITED will continue to be the leader in quality service and innovative thinking in the Gasket Fabricating sector.

To provide you with the right solutions for your applications. We offer the most precise die cutting tooling, the most responsive customer service program, and the most options on materials and design.


- The result is more than just a client-vendor relationship, it's a partnership destined to succeed. We don't work for you; we work with you, as an extension of your company. This assures superior quality parts that work perfectly - the first time.


- The next time you have a gasket or die cut part requirement, seal a partnership with an industry leader: ACRO INDUSTRIES.


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Core Values

1. Client Satisfaction - treat our clients' issues and products like our own.


2. Safety - health & safety program & manager.


3. Environmental Responsibility - committed to the wellness of our community and environment.


4. Continuous Improvement - superior performance through continuous Proactive Process Improvements.


5. Employee importance - highly dedicated & motivated staff.


6. Competitiveness in the business environment.


7. Ethics.

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Quality Policy

ACRO MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES LIMITED will continue to improve systems, processes, suppliers and our people to ensure that we meet the current and future needs of our clients. 

Our company-wide commitment to quality assurance has helped us become a leader in our field. That's because we guarantee parts that are accurately and cleanly cut, properly packaged and delivered on time.


Best of all, our commitment to quality gives you more than just answers to your application's challenges. It gives you all the advantages of a quality die cutter. From traceability of materials, to bar coding, to statistical process control, we can provide you with as much quality support as you require.


ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certified

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